What is Group Breaking?
It's simply a way to divide up a case or box of cards among people by team, player, division or other grouping.
Group breaking allows you to get the cards for just your preferred team at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a box or case of cards.

What do I get when I purchase a spot?
When you purchase a spot in a break you get the rights to the cards of the team/player/division etc., in that break.  You are not getting a box or case of cards, just the cards for your spot in the break.
There is no guarantee that any specific team, card, or player will come from the break.  Manufactures do not guarantee that specific teams or players will be in a box or case of cards so we can't either.

Card Care:
Autograph, Memorabilia and Cards serial numbered #/150 and under will be sleeved and toploaded.  Rookies, Refractors, and other serial numbered cards will all be sleeved.

USPS First Class Mail will be used for any packages weighing less than 1lb.
USPS Priority Mail will be used for packages weighing over 1lb.
If you prefer another method be used or require insurance on your package email us at vicecitybreaks@gmail.com ASAP so arrangements can be made.

 Team Assignments:

For redemptions or cards whose team is in question we use, groupbreakchecklists.com to determine teams.
In the event that a card is not on the checklist or is still in question it will be at the breakers discretion to assign a team.

Panini Points:
If Panini Points are pulled in a break they will be randomed individually to spots in the break.

Cards with Multiple Teams:
If any card shows multiple teams or players random.org will be used to assign ownership.  There is no majority ownership of cards.